About FastSupport

FastSupport.ca is a Canadian IT Computer Support Service provided by ITM Premier a Managed Services and Security Provider.  It is designed for people looking for a non recurring IT Support Team.  If you require a dedicated team for Ongoing IT Support, we offer very competitive plans starting at under CAD$1.00 per day - yes, no misprint.


Why Do I Need Ongoing Support?


Our ongoing IT support service brings your worry free support to the computer you depend on to do your work.  In this support package we will:

  • Help with Zoom, Google and Microsoft Teams meetings

    • Install and manage anti-virus license

      • On The Go Security
      • Monitor your computer 24/7

      • Make sure it has the latest updates installed

      • Scheduled Maintenance every 6 months

      • 50% Related Tech Support Services When Needed.


      Other Frequently Asked Questions Are: 


      • Has my domain name propagated yet? 

      • Can I get fast support to help me now?

      • What's my IP?

      • WhoIs my domain registered to? 

      • Do you offer ongoing support?

      Contact us if you require immediate online support.  If you have a yearly plan open a support ticket to request a support key to get started.  If not, you have to click on BOOK NOW to schedule the service of your choice.

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